The holiday season is just around the corner. First the spooky Halloween, then the warm Thanksgiving, and finally the magical and cozy Christmas. How to please your family and friends during this period? Of course, to present them with a real fairy tale, a theatrical performance made with their own hands.

  1. Share the magic of theater play with your child

    Tell your child what a theater is, the atmosphere there, and what the audience and actors usually look like. Confess that you want to go to the theater today and ask to make your wish come true!

  2. Choose a story

    Invite your child to put on one of the well-known fairy tales or come up with a completely new story! In the Papaton Shadow Theater app, you'll find the texts of as many as 5 fairy tales. Choose anyone and start setting the scene!

    Download our free Papaton Shadow Theater app:
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    – Google Play

  3. Create the puppets

    Once your little ones have decided on a story, you can start creating the characters. You can draw silhouettes and cut them out of black cardboard or use pre-made figures from our free Christmas set.

    Click here to download our free Easter puppet printable.

  4. Create a stage

    Invite your kiddos to create a stage in your home. Give them cushions, plaids, and chairs. Suggest how to make a place for you in the auditorium – for example, put two chairs and cover the top with the throw.

Everything is set! All you need to do now is to sit comfortably, turn off the light and let the show begin! You have the role of an appreciative admirer of the young actor's work: prepare a rewarding flower in a pot or make one out of colored paper.

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