Papaton Shadow Theater Playset

A fairy-tale light and shadow show
for the entire family. Bring your favorite
fairy-tale characters to life.



family entertainment

What's inside the box?

Learn how to set up the fold-out theater, how the fairy-tale characters come to life, and how to use your smartphone to enhance the show.

Harness the tradition of fairy
tales for some creative family fun

Fun for the whole family

Everyone gets to play a part. Choose a character and create a unique fairy tale together.

Develops imagination

Kids learn to be storytellers and actors, experiment with characters and contribute their own ideas.

Uses technology

The free Papaton Shadow Theater app on your phone provides the music, story and light for the show.

Brings back traditions

Papaton Shadow Theater brings a new twist to classic fairy tales.

Four well-known fairy tales and one from
your own imagination

Inside the box, 20 specially designed fairy-tale characters and 12 props are waiting for you to bring them to life and invite your audience over.

A creative gift for any occasion

Amaze the kids: your smartphone sets a fairy-tale scene and the items included in the set can be used for play or to create favorite characters.


Use your smartphone to work magic

The Papaton Shadow Theatre mobile app features everything you need to lift the curtain on your show. For example, when launched the app automatically turns on your phone's flashlight: no more searching for a light source.
Fairy-tale scripts

The text of each fairy tale scrolls across your telephone screen like film subtitles, leaving your hands free to join in the game with your children.

Animated characters

In-app animated characters for each fairy tale entertain young viewers before the performance starts.

Original music

To create a real show, music has been specially composed for each fairy tale. So, in Three Little Pigs, you'll hear cheerful, carefree notes and sounds from nature, while the "create your own" option features music that draws on the best traditions of all your favorite animated movies.


The fairy-tale scripts are available in 7 languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian and Chinese.

How to create your own shadow theater at home


the free Papaton Shadow Theatre app using the QR-code or on

Choose a fairytale

for your performance

Set up

the folding screen


the characters and props for your play. The app will tell you which ones you need


the phonestand and place your phone on it

Turn off

the lights and let the show begin!