Are you ready for Easter? It's a time for colorful eggs, chocolate bunnies, and fun with family and friends. But have you ever thought about telling Easter stories with shadow theater? With Papaton Shadow Theater, your kids will create egg-citing stories using shadow puppets, light and a bit of your imagination. Click here to get the FREE Easter Shadow Puppets for kids. To help your little ones get started on your Easter stories, we've come up with some cool Easter story promptsĀ full of magical adventures that kids will love and easily continue with their own ideas!Ā 

The Magical Easter Egg

Imagine finding a mysterious Easter egg that takes you to a magical world. Who knows what adventures you might have? You could meet talking animals, explore enchanted forests, or even fly on a giant bird! Here are some story starters to get you started:
  • You found a magical Easter egg in your backyard. When you picked it up, you were suddenly transported to a land of fairies and unicorns.
  • The Easter Bunny had a special egg that he only gave to the kindest and most caring children. But one year, a mischievous child tried to trick the Easter Bunny into giving it to him.
  • You and your friends found a giant Easter egg hidden in the forest. When you cracked it open, you found a magical creature inside that granted you three wishes.

The Easter Witch

In some countries, there is a legend of an Easter witch who delivers eggs instead of the Easter Bunny. She might have a broomstick, a magic wand, or even a flying cauldron! Here are some story starters to inspire you:
  • The Easter Witch had a special power that allowed her to see into people's hearts. One year, she met a grumpy old man who refused to celebrate Easter. Can she change his mind?
  • The Easter Witch had a magical garden where she grew the most delicious chocolate eggs. One year, a group of children snuck into the garden and stole the eggs. Can they make things right before it's too late?
  • The Easter Witch had a broomstick that could take her anywhere she wanted to go. One year, she got lost and had to ask a group of children for directions.

The Easter Dragon

Imagine a dragon that brings spring to the land with its magical powers. It might breathe flowers, hatch eggs, or even make rainbows! Here are some story starters to spark your imagination:
  • In a far-off kingdom, the Easter Dragon was known for his magical powers that brought spring to the land. But one year, something went wrong and the land was stuck in eternal winter.
  • The Easter Dragon was feeling sad and lonely because nobody ever came to visit him. One day, a group of children decided to visit him and learn about his magical powers.
  • The Easter Dragon was known for his love of chocolate eggs. One year, he ate so many eggs that he got a terrible stomachache. Can his friends help him feel better?

The Easter Adventure

Imagine going on an adventure to find the legendary Golden Egg. You might have to solve puzzles, climb mountains, or even fight dragons! Here are some story starters to get your heart racing:

  • Once upon a time, a group of children decided to go on an Easter adventure to find the legendary Golden Egg. Along the way, they encountered all sorts of obstacles and challenges. Can you imagine what they had to do to find the egg? What did they learn on their adventure?
  • Every year, the Easter Adventure was an event where children had to complete a series of tasks to earn their Easter eggs. One year, a group of children teamed up to try and win the grand prize. What challenges did they face along the way? Did they win the grand prize in the end?
  • On Easter, a young boy was feeling sad and lonely because he had no one to celebrate with. But then, a magical Easter adventure unfolded before his eyes and he was swept up in the excitement. What did he see on his adventure? Did he make any new friends along the way?


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