The best reviews, in our opinion, are from parents. The experience of using Papaton Shadow Theater in every home is unique, and that's awesome. Read this article by mom of three, Jordan Sharp, about how she uses the play set with her children.

"Has no one ever told you? Moms, you have a secret weapon! Do you know what it is?! STORIES! Here is how to use stories to level up your playing field:

  1. Do you ever feel naggy? Let the stories teach the lessons your kids need to hear. Of you want help with house work read little house on the prairie, if you want to inspire imagination read Anne of green gables, if you want to inspire bravery read King Arthur. Hearing their beloved character be able to do something they might be struggling with is very inspiring. Then it’s also someone ‘else’s’ words so you don’t always have to be the bad guy.
  2. Easy bonding time, reading or telling stories is a free, easily accessible, way to spend quality time.
  3. Stories improve vocabulary and comprehension even simply by listening hello fun way to help them in school.
  4. Boosts creativity and imagination when you create stories young and old.

This Papaton Shadow Theater is actually one of my FAVORITE little homeschool and storytelling tools. One really great learning technique is having kids narrate back what they learned or heard and anyway to make it fun or seem like they are playing is a win for me! So, we use this to act out what they learned or read.

They spend hours making their own stories or they act out the scripts I read on the app. I have had this for months but didn’t share yet because I wanted it to stand the test of time and when they pulled it out on their own today to play I knew I couldn’t keep the goodness to myself."

Jordan Sharp, mom of three.

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