The 27 Hottest Holiday Toys of 2021. By Janelle Randazza Reviewed.

This beautiful toy has been racking up parenting and toy-maker awards, and for good reason. It’s a beautifully designed shadow puppet set that’s perfect for developing narrative storytelling skills, and it’s just right for family time.
The shadow puppet kit comes with over 30 characters and props to enact four well-known fairy tales, including Little Red Riding HoodThe Three Little PigsThe Tortoise & The Hare and The Lion & The Mouse. You upload the accompanying app to your phone that narrates and sets the story to music, while also shining a light on the stage. Children take over and act out the stories for your enjoyment.
“Here’s why I really like it: It engages kids in narrative creativity and storytelling. It’s a gateway to writing, creative thinking and problem solving. And kids love puppets—I think people are really going to like this one,” says Byrne.
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Janelle Randazza is the parenting writer at USA Today's Reviewed. She's a toy nerd and usability geek. She relishes using Reviewed's science-based approach to determine the absolute best products for kids and families.

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