Fall is here, the air is crisp, and the leaves are stunning. If you're stuck for ideas on what to do with the kiddos, check out our fun list of seasonal suggestions!
There are 5 fall activities that are perfect for both kids and parents!
  1.  Hit the Trails
    Take time to appreciate the changing colors of the leaves that can transform a regular hike into a magical one.

  2. Plan a Halloween Day Out
    Halloween is a real fall highlight, so it’s never too early to start making plans. Add a bit of fun by cutting ghosts and monsters out of cardboard for your Papaton Shadow Theater performances. Boo!

  3. Watch an Autumn Sunset
    Sunset is getting earlier and earlier. Check online to see what time it’s due to set, and aim to be in the perfect spot about 10 minutes before. Once it starts, it will disappear quicker than you think, then it’s home and off to bed!

  4. Jump in a Pile of Leaves
    Sometimes it's the simple things that bring the most fun, like jumping in a crisp pile of autumn leaves! Head to your local park, or even your back garden, to create your own leaf piles.

  5. Do Leaf Crafts
    Take advantage of all the colorful leaves on the ground, by taking some home for some autumn arts and crafts!

Share your favorite fall activities in the comments section below!

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