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At Papaton Kids we promote healthy use of technical devices without any harm to your kids. Our goal is to bring old traditions a modern twist and help you spend good quality time with your nearest and dearest!
We created Papaton Shadow Theater App as an example of smartly used technical devices which creates additional theatrical atmosphere and does not replace the kid's active play.
It provides you with the fairy tale scripts that scroll across the telephone screen like film subtitles, music with the best traditions of amnimated movies and light that shines on the stage.
So, don't hesitate and download Papaton Shadow Theater app from Apple Store or Google Play store and let your kids show how creative they can be. Being the master behind the curtain will make them feel free and engaged in the storytelling process and let thier imagination run wild!


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What Our Customers Say About Us

Corbin Carroll

This is the best single item I’ve EVER gotten for my little boy! I love how it brings us together as a family every night and watching his eyes of excitement and wonder as we tell him stories while using the shadow puppets just melts my heart!


As a mom of 3, I am always looking for ways for the kids to use their imagination. Papaton Shadow Theatre makes this happen in such a neat way! We have been having so much fun with the Papaton Theater and would highly recommend this!

Joy Fitzgerald

The product is really incredible and facilitates all the things you hope. We did a puppet show before bedtime too instead of our normal story and it made the kids look forward to bed time and the dark room.