Are you getting ready for an exciting road trip with your little ones this summer and searching for engaging games to keep them entertained without relying on screens? I understand the challenges of long car rides and flights with kids. That's why I've compiled a list of our favorite storytelling and creative games to make your road trip enjoyable and stress-free. The best part? These games require nothing but your imagination!



A Photo Camera

Ask your little ones to Imagine that they have a photo camera and visualize the scene they are capturing in a photo. Ask them to describe where they are, what and who they see, and finally, what is in their photo. Encourage them to make the description vivid but not to reveal the place as other players will have to guess it. For example: imagine they're in Paris, they might say something like, "I am sitting on the green grass, eating a baguette with cheese. Behind me, there's a monument in the shape of a triangle. Where am I?".

Guess the story

This game adds a twist to famous fairy tales or stories. Ask the kids to retell a well-known tale but replace the most recognizable words with different ones. The goal is to guess the original tale. Keep playing until the other players figure it out. For example, "Three little pigs" could become "Once upon a time, there lived several animals who loved to be in the mud." We always have a lot of fun when trying to create new descriptions for well-known characters.

Fairy Tale Mess

This game is particularly suited for younger kids. Tell them a story they're familiar with, but make a deliberate change or add something that isn't true. The fun part is that the child has to identify what's wrong in the story.

Word Association

Word association is a quick and enjoyable game. The first player says a random word aloud, and the next player must say another word associated with the previous one. Keep cycling through all the players, building a chain of associated words. For example, "a cup, tea, England, Queen, knight, etc." The game ends if someone takes too long to answer or repeats a word.

Makeup Stories

You don't need to be a master storyteller to entertain your kids with imaginative tales. Take turns adding bits to the story and embellishing the details. Start with a sentence the other player adds their sentence. Keep going until somebody ends the story. Who knows where your collective imagination might take you?

Snowball Stories

I often used this engaging game while teaching ESL to my students. It begins with one person starting the story with a sentence. The next person must repeat the previous sentence and add their own to continue the story. As the game progresses, each subsequent player repeats the previous sentences and adds their own, just like a snowball rolling downhill, gaining momentum. The challenge lies in remembering and reciting all the sentences correctly. The first person unable to repeat all the sentences accurately is out of the game.

Can you name the most..?

Challenge your kids to name the most things in a specific category. For example:
  • Name the most cartoon characters
  • Name the most kitchen objects
  • Name the most superheroes

Yellow Car Game

It's not a storytelling one, but one that is always fun and great for road trips. Every time you spot a yellow vehicle, punch the person next to you. The winner is the one who spots the most yellow cars. Diana has a superpower to see all the yellow cars meters ahead and tends to win all the time.

Would you rather..?

We like to make it as silly as possible and suggest two amusing options to choose from. For example 'Would you rather touch a frog or a cockroach? Try it, I am sure you will be surprised by your kids' answers!

Twenty Questions

One person thinks of something, and the others ask yes/no questions to guess what it is. You have only 20 questions to ask. If you didn't guess the word you lose.

I hope that through these activities your journey will be filled with joy and wonder, making it as memorable as the destination itself. Oh, and speaking of unforgettable experiences, we never leave home without our beloved Papaton Shadow Theater playset! It's a fantastic addition to our trips, allowing us to create captivating stories and performances on the go. In our next update, I promise to share more about the fun activities we enjoy with Papaton Shadow Theater during road trips. So stay tuned!

If you and your little ones try any of our road trip games, I would be thrilled if you shared your precious moments with us on Facebook or Instagram. Remember to tag our account, as we can't wait to see the smiles lighting up your faces!

Happy storytelling, and have a remarkable journey!

Warm regards,
Anna Ten
Papaton Kids

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